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Les Boites
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O-Gin. The organic Gin.

Brand: Josef Farthofer

Seller: Les Boites Cologne

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Les Boites
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'O-Gin. The organic Gin.'

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O-Gin sparkles in the glass like a brilliant, clear, with a slight blue tinge. The palate is characterized by mild spiciness, finesse in the game of juniper - and orange flavors, delicate acid and

reflect focus on the finish. For our gin Josef Farthofer used facility biological juniper, coriander, lavender and orange peel, which grow in Italy and Croatia and

Cubeb pepper from Indonesia. The result is a solitaire, much too good to disappear in mixed drinks.

O-Gin consists of 24 different herbs and spices – called "Botanicals". The high-proof O-Gin is aged up to

a year in stainless steel tanks, so that he can develop his character really. Only then O-Gin is married to veteran water from our own source from the Upper Austria.

Weight: 1.5 kg.

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Les Boites
Les Boîtes Two become one. The owners of Die dritte Haut and 4te Etage from Cologne in Germany launch their new store in the neighborhood of Ehrenfeld: Les Boites. Discover new fresh ideas and many surprises. La Boîte à couleurs – Choose your colors and oils à la carte. A nice menu for your eyes and paintbox by Anja Klinkenberg with Biofa Natural Colors. A completely new way of buying colors. La Boîte 4te Etage – Home design and accessories from the 50s and 60s and Anja Klinkenberg designs. We offer planning and realization of your living space or kitchen as well as an individual event location above the rooftops of Cologne. La Boîte de “Chair Shelter” – care and nurturing for old chairs. Our refuge and restoration center where seating furniture blossoms with new beauty.   La Boîte de conserve – Cologne’s first Conserverie. You will be surprised how much joy you will find in the smallest cans filled by local independent producers from France, Spain or Portugal. And of course you can try anything before you buy. Maybe with a nice drink? All these “boxes” unite to create Les Boîtes. A must-visit store for your next trip through Cologne-Ehrenfeld.
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