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Owner - Claudia Schaaf

OAK Beard Brush

Brand: OAK

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SALON ZWEI Kaufladen & Schminksalon
Owner - Claudia Schaaf

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'OAK Beard Brush'

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The BEARD BRUSH holding his beard in the form, making it softer and removes loose hairs and dander. The grip of oiled oak is by its size well in hand, so that the brush can be pulled vigorously through the thick beard. Different lengths boar bristles and extra large distances between the bundles of bristles engage optimally in beard hair. Regular brushing stimulates the skin, stimulates the production of sebum and prevents a dry beard before. Application: as large as possible and evenly pull the brush in the direction of growth by the beard - depending on the desired massaging effect on the skin more or less fixed. The oval shape of the brush is also at narrow points, use as at sideburns or mustache and chin whiskers. Cleaning: The bristles regularly rid of failed whiskers and easily beat. Clean every 3 months with eg something BEARD WASH under running, lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly. Place the brush to dry with bristles ahead on a towel.
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