Ela Eis Design
Owner - Ela Eiselein

Onyx Collier mit Großem Silber Schlösschen

Brand: ELA EIS

Seller: Ela Eis Design Dusseldorf

Ela Eis Design
Owner - Ela Eiselein

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'Onyx Collier mit Großem Silber Schlösschen'

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Onyx Necklace with Big Silver castle
Length: 48 cm
Width: 4.2 cm
Color: Black , Silver
Material: Onyx , silver , silver-plated wire sheathed , high quality
Weight: medium
Price : € 189

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Ela Eis Design
I'd rather go with my interests in width and not so much in depth. That's why I design unique jewelry pieces. ELA EIS DESIGN reflects this philosophy and represents modern femininity with new ideas.