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Oregano Oil Organic Aroma Olymp

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110ml (12.27€/100 ml)

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Essential oil from organic oregano

Origanum vulgare , 10 ml, dietary supplement

Natural antibiotic for strengthening and healing

Healing effects :

Antiviral, antibacterial, rich in antioxidants

The oil contains more than 80% of a particularly high proportion of the active ingredient carvacrol.

All reported healing effects are based on scientific studies and traditional use and do not replace the recommendation of a physician.

13,50 €

110.00 € / 100 ml

The oregano oil is obtained from 100% organic oregano by steam distillation without chemical solvents. Only the leaves and flowers of the plant are used for the production. The recovered essential oil is certified by an EU approved company.

The ideal results of this oil in the chromatographic fingerprint regarding the maximum natural antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant effects is a special quality feature.

Directions for use: As a precaution, or if you feel the first signs of a cold, take a drop of oregano oil with a tsp of olive oil once a day. Alternatively, the drop can also be placed in a glass of water or tea cup.

Depending on your preference, add 2-3 drops of oregano oil to the water in a fragrance lamp.

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