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Organic hemp flour (gluten-free)

Brand: La Vida Verde Ölmanufaktur

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La Vida Verde
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LA VIDA VERDE Organic Hemp Flour Protein is derived from certified organic hemp seeds. First, these are partially de-oiled and then finely ground.

It is particularly noteworthy that the hemp protein of our organism can be easily converted into the body's own proteins. Unlike soy protein, which is used in most protein preparations. The organic hemp flour protein tastes slightly nutty, grassy, with a fruity note.

It is a tasty alternative to traditional cereal flour and also provides the body with protein and fiber. Its delicious, nutty taste not only refines cakes, bread and pastries, but can also give soups and sauces a special touch when setting.

Hemp flour protein can also be easily mixed with almond milk or juices. It tastes exceedingly delicious when you replace breadcrumbs, pizza and quiches bottoms, pancakes or noodle production with a quarter of the conventional flour with hemp flour protein. The imagination knows no limits.

Hemp flour protein is naturally gluten-free and thus ideal for people with gluten intolerance. Furthermore, hemp flour protein is characterized by its high content of fiber (21%) and its protein content (50%). Because it has a very low carbohydrate content (5%), it is also great for a low carb diet .

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