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Organic Orange Blossom Honey

Brand: Rigoni di Asiago

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Il Girasole
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'Organic Orange Blossom Honey'

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Honey orange organic appreciated especially in the breakfast and to sweeten tea and herbal teas. Pleasantly sweet and full, reminiscent of almonds and orange zest.  Features 
light amber color. Solidifies during the year. Is collected in Sicily and Calabria. 
  The taste 
Pleasantly sweet and full, reminiscent of almonds and orange zest. 
  Advice Rigoni Brothers  Appreciated especially in the breakfast and to sweeten tea and herbal teas.  What is organic honey RdA    "Instead of dirt and poison, we decided to fill our hives with honey and wax, giving humanity the two noblest things: sweetness and light." 
Jonathan Swift, Irish writer 
honey, the result of the incessant labor of bees, known since ancient times and was praised for its virtues, because it was considered by the Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans fountain of youth, strength, wellness and remedy for all ills. 
Even today this food sweet, precious, fragrant flowers and berries, rich in a thousand shades in color and taste, is part of our diet. 
But it is not easy to continue to produce honey with the same characteristics than once, that nutritious and genuine force that gave to our grandparents, especially now that the bees have to deal with the environmental pollution that penalizes, even when not annihilates . 
Selected products and the best varieties 
It is not easy to find, but once the honey is still there. And 'organic honey Rigoni di Asiago, a series of selected products in the best varieties and different flavors. 
Rigoni Brothers since 1992 offering organic honey, that is a honey is not only good, but also natural, obtained in a pristine environment, open spaces and clean, away from drains, fume industries, roads and houses. 
monoflora or millefiori 
It 'amazing to discover how many flavors and aromas surround honeys RdA, moreover, completely different from each other. Honey, in fact, can be "monoflora", if comes mainly from a particular type of flower or plant, or "poliflora" or "millefiori" in the opposite case. 
Its color ranges from "white water" to "light amber or gold," coming to be dark, almost black. It appears liquid and transparent or solid, with a consistency that ranges from creamy and compact. Honey RdA short, loves to surprise positively. In form and substance. 
Why Choose Organic honey RdA ...  ... because it is a source of pure pleasure ...  ... because it is produced in full respect of nature and consumers ...  ... because it's only organic honey selected Italian ...  ... because it is 100% organic. Since 1992, Rigoni di Asiago only produces honey from organic farming. Each variety contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and is the result of a production process that takes place in pristine environments. Beekeeping, in fact, takes place without the use of medicinal chemistry, to prevent and combat bee diseases, and in "pastures", where they should place their hives, carefully chosen: meadows of wild flowers and wild plants or grown organically. In addition, the range of bees, ie the space within which they feed and produce, ranging from one to five kilometers, thus having a constant control of the situation ...  ... because it is controlled phase after phase. An inspection certificate by an authorized body, which occurs with great attention to every stage of production, assembly areas, hives, honey extraction workshop and storage, and of course the honey itself. The production process begins with a careful selection RdA of hives, which are cleaned with non-invasive methods, able to preserve intact the natural properties of honey. Once you are certain of the purity of the place and the hive, the honey is carefully selected and analyzed for its organoleptic and physico-chemical and only if it falls within the parameters required by the Quality Control is purchased from Rigoni di Asiago. In this regard, the RDA over time has selected a number of valuable organic beekeepers, from north to south of Italy, and only buy from their harvests of honey ...  ... because it preserves the natural properties. To preserve flavor and nutrients, the transformation of the honey is cold, with a unique method patented by brothers Rigoni ...  ... because thanks to the preparation and competence of its beekeepers confidence, Rigoni di Asiago can provide consumers with a rich variety of flora honeys and each expresses an infinitely rich in flavors and fragrances: Spruce, Acacia , Orange, Chestnut, Strawberry Tree, Eucalyptus, Wildflowers, Lemon, honey wood, honey, apple, rhododendron, Dandelion, Lime. Content: 300 gr.
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Il Girasole
Il Girasole is an herbalist’s shop located in Rovato (BS) since 1982. Here you will find everything from herbal products and organic cosmetics, to typical food supplies and hygiene products. In the shop, the customers can take advantage of the unique advices from Lucia, proud of her degree in herbal medicine obtained at the University of Urbino (Italy).
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