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Pikaplant Jar Coffea

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The coffee plant is sealed airtight in a mason jar that stands on its head. This means that all the water inside can not run out and is recycled throughout the plant. So it's enough to choose a nice parking space and enjoy the view. In addition, you do not have to do anything else.

Coffea arabica is a tropical plant native to the highlands of Ethiopia. It is grown in the Netherlands to the highest standards of sustainable horticulture. We work with VDE, a first-class indoor plant breeder who has been awarded the MPS-A certificate.

Incidentally, Coffea arabica is one of the world's most grown coffee plants, accounting for 74% of total coffee production. As early as the 17th century, we Dutch started shipping the plant to coffee lovers around the world. Good proves itself. So you can beautify your home or your workplace with little effort with a plant that you do not have to pour.

The Pikaplant Jar is a real houseplant that never needs watering. It is our interpretation of a closed ecosphere, also known as the Bottle Garden. Each copy is handpicked by us. Before the plants are placed in the jar, we provide them with the necessary resources to create a balanced ecosystem inside.

The lifespan of each plant varies. However, our original Pikaplant Jar Coffea prototypes have been happily living in their jars for more than 40 months without being opened.

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We want to make plant-keeping so easy that anyone can do it. Our automatic plant watering products are
inspired by nature. Pikaplant Jar is our interpretation of a bottle garden or closed terrarium. It mimics natural high-humidity biotopes. The plants inside these glass jars continuously recycle the water they have and, thereby, create a miniature ecosphere. They water themselves, so
you never need to.
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