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Polugar Classic Rye Vodka

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'Polugar Classic Rye Vodka'

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This vodka is pure madness and an absolute surprise in the glass. After 100 tastings where this vodka at the end in the blind tasting was served, so far only a customer has guessed that it is a vodka.

Flavorful, it is light, mellow whiskey or also fruit schnapps in direction. He is a classical, Russian bread vodka from rye, which also subtly tastes like reamur bread - just slightly sweet.

The Polugar is distilled in small copper stills and then with 38.5% vol. bottled. Where the classic rye variant still using egg white and birch charcoal is filtered. No modern marketing gimmick, but a common filtration method of Russia in the late Middle Ages. This one gives no taste-poor fire as to vodka common. Polugar moves make or raw brand aromatic and flavorful far closer to a whiskey new.

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