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Bakari - die Kuchenbotschaft
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"Happy Easter" - Bakari cake in the glass

Brand: Bakari

Seller: Bakari - die Kuchenbotschaft Landau a.d.Isar

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Bakari - die Kuchenbotschaft
Owner - Petra Haynack Store rating

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'"Happy Easter" - Bakari cake in the glass'

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Happy Easter
"The Easter bunny has already done enough with the eggs ....
We deliver the cake for Easter brunch, on time and in fresh green! "

Cake in the glass with a different Easter message ...

Available in the following varieties: Please specify which variety you prefer.

Otherwise, we send a randomly selected variety.

All our cakes are hand-baked and made from the finest natural ingredients.
Of course in organic quality, in our small bakery, in the heart of Lower Bavaria.

Your messages are decorated by us with a lot of love and brought on the way.

Thanks to the special baking process in the nostalgic WECK® glass our cake preserves its freshness and tastes delicious even after 4 months.

Organic chocolate cake
Eggs *, wheat flour 550 *, butter *, cane sugar *, dark gravy *, cocoa *, vanilla sugar *, pure-wine baking powder (cornstarch *, acidifying agent: pure wine, baking agent: natron) *, cinnamon *, salt.

Bio-nut cake
Eggs *, spelled flour 630 *, cane sugar *, butter *, ground hazelnuts *, yoghurt *, vanilla sugar *, pure-wine baking powder (cornstarch *, acidifier: pure wine, baking agent: natron) *, milk *, salt.
* From controlled organic cultivation.
Since salt is a mineral, it can not be cultivated biologically.
Control by: DE-ÖKO-006
All cakes can contain traces of nuts.

Would you like to order more cake messages?

No problem, you pay only once for shipping costs. We will be happy to provide you with an individual, handwritten message to your cake order.

Our Bakari greeting card can also be found here in the shop.
Just send us your desired text and we fill out the card for you.
Of course, you can also order the card unlabeled.
Store Information
Bakari - die Kuchenbotschaft
Our lovely bakery is located in the heart of Niederbayerns, in Landau a.d. Isar. There we conjure up traditional family recipes, only from the finest organic ingredients, individual cake messages in the glass and delicious pastry mixes. One of our goals is to use as many sustainable ingredients from our region as possible.
We are always open for special ideas and creative in finding suitable solutions for the needs of our customers. This is also reflected in our special company service.
Our cake messages are really flexible and can be used as a gift for various occasions. Small and fine, made with love, they are always special and conjure a smile on the face of the customer!