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"Orange" room fragrance spray

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'"Orange" room fragrance spray'

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Room spray for quick and targeted room scenting as a 50 ml pump spray

Decorative elongated glass bottle with spray attachment.

  • Dive in and relax for wonderful hours with the warm aura of sun-ripened oranges.
  • A mixture of - blood orange
  • The effect is - relaxing, harmonizing. It is said that the scent of the orange should stimulate the production of the hormone enkephalies, which has a mood-enhancing and exhilarating effect. Source:
  • Possible application in - living room, bathroom, office and also sales rooms.

Our room sprays do not contain any water! Our sprays are fragrant. To achieve a perfect fragrance experience, it is enough to spray 1 x.

For the production of our room sprays we use 100% pure essential oils as well as the best aromatic oils , which are dissolved in a mixture of cosmetic alcohol and organic alcohol.
We only use high quality products for our products, avoid unnecessary additives such as solvents, water, etc. and ensure that they are particularly well tolerated.
Pampering the body and the senses is our motto.

Do not spray the room spray directly on textiles, furniture or other objects. There could be stains.

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Room fragrances - drinking water treatment - living accessories

In our studio in Laudenbach close to Weinheim, you can find carefully selected products and personal customer service for individual room fragrances of all sorts. Drinking water treatment also gains more and more popularity. We offer you customised solutions for clean and fresh drinking water. Enjoyable with great ecological value. Lovingly handpicked living accessories for your home complete our product range.

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