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Rapeseed oil cold-pressed organic

Brand: La Vida Verde Ölmanufaktur

Seller: La Vida Verde Dusseldorf

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La Vida Verde
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Our freshly cold-pressed organic rapeseed oil from the La Vida Verde oil factory is becoming increasingly popular. Due to its extremely balanced composition, it resembles olive oil and is often referred to as the olive oil of the north.

Cold-pressed La Vida Verde rapeseed oil has its own nutty, rapeseed taste and a golden-yellow color. It is ideal for seasoning cold dishes.

Since it has a smoke point of 130 degrees, it should only be used for cold kitchens or for gentle cooking. In this way, the valuable ingredients of this vegetable oil are preserved, which would otherwise be destroyed in the pan by the high heat. Our rapeseed oil goes well with meat, fish, vegetables and salads.

Rapeseed oil consists of approx. 8% saturated fatty acids, approx. 65% monounsaturated fatty acids and approx. 27% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

On request, we can also make gift boxes or our own bottle labels.

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