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Out into the country

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Be it beekeepers, food activists, cooks, grandmothers or young farmers - out into the country brings together extraordinary stories from people from all over the world who live in the changing seasons, harvest their own food and bring it from the field to our table.

From a New York City urban gardening community, to a chef in Neustrelitz who draws ingredients from the immediate area, to a Swedish family that has realized their dream of self-sufficiency - they all unite the question of the origin of our food, the will to produce sustainably and share their experience.

With tasty recipes and impressive portraits and photos, Raus tells the story of how one can realize with passion and commitment the dream of living in and with nature. An inspirational read for those who are interested in a healthy diet and want to know where their food comes from.

Co-editor Cecilie Dawes is an ambassador for sustainable nutrition and founder of Food Studio - an ever-expanding community in Norway that works to promote awareness of our food and the environment under the motto "Food Empathy".

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stey Interior

Welcome to our shop in the west of Kassel!


On more than 100 square meters you will find beautiful furniture and special home accessories mostly Scandinavian brands. Kassel's Vorderer West is exactly the right location for us: people of all cultures reside, live and work here.

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