Owner - Jörg Volgger

Ray Moore - Beardy - silkscreen print on poplar plywood

Brand: Sitflip

Seller: SITFLIP Vienna

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Owner - Jörg Volgger

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'Ray Moore - Beardy - silkscreen print on poplar plywood'

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  • Limited print
  • Series of 11
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
Ray Moore is to artist, producer, director, and creative. He loves music. He likes to inject language into his work by using elements of the hip hop culture.
When you stumble over words or phrases in his works, it's most likely they come from him, free-styling over some instrumental tunes he listens to while painting.
Born in 1971 in Brookhaven / US, works and lives in Munich.
Beardy is a motive made by Ray Moore. Limited print. Series of 11 signed and numbered by the artist.
Dimension: 21x29cm

Store Information

Sitflip is a small furniture label situated in Vienna, Austria. Our mission is to transform the creative energy and passion of skateboarding into compelling design-objects such as the skateboard-chair. 

Through our objects we bring a small piece of that feeling and lifestyle into your homes. Skate and create!