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Red slippers with wool insert

Seller: süßstoff Steinfeld (Oldenburg)

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'Red slippers with wool insert'

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Comfortable slippers with a red cap made of 100% wool felt and a vegetable-tanned leather sole

The shoes are the perfect, cozy slippers to feel good.
Felt is comparable to leather in terms of its durability and durability, but it is dirt and water-repellent, temperature-regulating, breathable and antibacterial. It is of course made mulesing-free. They can be ordered with different colors on the cap, you can find a large selection in my shop.

The leather is a pollutant-free cowhide made in Germany. Through the leather sole, the feet can still feel the ground, this ensures healthy feet and a pleasant feeling.

The shoes can be lined with a wool insert or with a felt insert, which is then immediately inserted into the shoes. If necessary, the insert can be removed again, but they can also remain inserted in summer, as wool warms in winter and cools in summer.

How to determine the correct size:
Place the foot on a piece of paper, with the pick against a wall, and outline it with a ballpoint pen. Measure the foot length and compare it with the table below.

Size 36/37 foot length 24.5 cm
Size 38/39 foot length 26 cm
Size 40/41 foot length 27.5 cm
Size 42/43 foot length 29 cm
Size 44/45 foot length 30.5 cm
Size 46/47 foot length 32 cm

If it gets dirty, you can put the shoe out overnight or take it with you in the shower so that it becomes damp. The dirt can then be carefully rubbed off with a cloth.

If possible, I ship in used boxes, this is in line with my conviction that I want to protect the environment!
Main color: gray
Secondary color: red
Material: felt

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