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Refill Pack Dark Red 250g

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Hennes Finest Pfeffer-Boutique
Owner - Sebastian, Martin und Bastian Store rating

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250g refill pack

The dark red Kampot pepper from Hennes' Finest is an absolute rarity. Only a few small farmers have mastered the "recipe" and the technique for producing this extraordinary pepper. To obtain the color, aroma and sweetness of the peppers, the pepper is placed in a water bath for a certain time at a certain temperature (both top secret) immediately after harvesting. Afterwards it is dried slowly and gently, not like all other varieties in the direct sun. During this careful drying process, hardly any aromas are lost, so that it is not only strongly sharp but also extremely complex in flavor and taste. Its color is dark and its surface shines because of the high fruit content in the bowl. Its strong-peppery ground aroma harmoniously blends with the sweet aromas. The spectrum ranges from blood orange, cranberry, elderberry and camphor to light tobacco leaf, roasted malt and Assamtee. As I said, highly complex! Naturally the dark red Kampot pepper is naturally grown and selected by hand.

The Dunkelrote Kampot pepper tastes great with goose roasts, venison goulash, turkey roulade, braised rabbit or pork fillets. In addition, it gives redfish fillet and Pangasius a peppery-fruity note. It fits fabulously to the beetroot salad and can be used just as well as its brighter brother to desserts and fruits. Of course there are no limits to the imagination!

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Hennes Finest Pfeffer-Boutique
From the remote plantations of Cambodia Hennes’ Finest brings you the possibly most exclusive pepper in the world. The legendary Kampot Pepper is planted, cultivated, harvested and sorted out by hand. Not a single machine is used in the production line of the Campot Pepper and its’ cultivation is strictly organic. Its special taste is due to Cambodia’s mineral loamy soil, tropical sun and a lot of love that goes into the production of every single corn. Even in Germany where the last steps of the production take place everything is made manually. This is how we create this product of extraordinary quality. Hennes’ Finest are official supporters of Slowfood Germany.