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Refined champagne closure "Bubble Indicator"

Brand: l’Atelier du Vin

Seller: everChamp Dusseldorf

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'Refined champagne closure "Bubble Indicator"'

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Bubble Indicator
l'Atelier du Vin

The two glasses of your favorite champagne were just right, but now the bottle is not empty ...? With the Bubble Indicator of l'Atelier du Vin you are well equipped.

Not only does it close airtight and thus maintain the pressure in the bottle, the bubble indicator also indicates that it still tingles neatly inside. Only when the colored ring of the measuring display slowly disappears, it is time to enjoy the last sip.

With l'Atelier du Vin we have found a family business for you, which has specialized since 1926 on sophisticated design and high-quality accessories for the enjoyment of wine. Years of experience at l'Atelier du Vin paired with a very special affinity to wine: The family runs their own winery in Champagne.

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