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RESTUBE Basic (Marine Blue)


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'RESTUBE Basic (Marine Blue)'

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RESTUBE Basic for more security and freedom in the water! RESTUBE is an inflatable buoy with a screwed-in CO2 cartridge. When folded and packed in a small bag. The bag can be easily worn around the waist. Taking on the trigger, the Buoy inflates within seconds. Since the RESTUBE is connected to the bag, and thus with the body, you can pull it up after release. Now you have time. After use, the RESTUBE simply empty and dry the buoy, replace the cartridge and as described on the buoy, to pack up again. RESTUBE basic - simple, discreet design and still the full safety! Packaged in a small and handy pocket and easy to carry around the waist. Suitable for snorkelers, canoeists, sailors or for cruising.



RESTUBE consists of an inflatable float with 7 liters of volume, which is inflated by a built-in CO2 cartridge. Vigorously pulling the trigger in an emergency situation and the float fills within seconds and provides you with a buoy at you hold you can.




Horizontal fastened with waist strap 25mm

Color: navy blue

An original RESTUBE Spare CO2 cartridge is already installed

One size fits all

Buoyancy when inflated: 75N

Alternatively, also by inflatable mouth

Pouch dimensions: 14x7x5cm

Weight (incl cartridge.): 270g

Verbindusleine from buoy to bag 50cm delivery: ready for use RESTUBE basic with attached 25mm waist belt


Quick Start Guide

No personal protective equipment (PPE)

RESTUBE is no substitute for a life jacket

the plane transported (Maximum RESTUBE + 2 spare cartridges per passenger)

For confident swimmers over 10 years for waters in which you feel comfortable


Other information:

No personal protective equipment (PPE)

No substitute for a life jacket


Scope of supply:

System ready RESTUBE Basic, incl. Built-original cartridge, waist strap, instructions, packing instructions, Quick Check Guide.

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