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Restube sports


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Restube Sports is a small reusable security system for water sports enthusiasts, this one is hip and in emergency situations or fatigue can trigger. Performance, quality and flexibility are particularly important in our sports Edition.

Therefore, Restube ensures more fun and safety in the and on the water. The small bag can E.g. worn at the hip and can be triggered in a critical situation, or if you need a break for swimming. A lifting body is filled by means of a CO2-cartridge. You can hold onto this and prevent such exhaustion, panic, and drowning, or recharge your batteries again.
Simple, unobtrusive design and still the full security? This is "re room classic"! Packed in the minimalist bag is the same high-quality float as in the sport version. You want to wear Restube exclusively at the hip and is not in big waves on the way, is "re room classic" the right choice. Also DLRG swimmers use it. Restube gives you an unprecedented feeling of freedom in the water. Get now your Restube and order one for your friends, children or parents. Restube sets new standards in the combination of water rescue, safety and fun in the and on the water. Of course, Restube Sports can be used for all other water sports as in the Restube Classic also used to relax in the water E.g. While snorkeling in the sea or swimming in the Lake. In contrast to the Classic Edition, you can remove the belt at the sports Edition and replace what is as important for the fixing on the Trapeze.
It is easy (approx. 200 g), and can be used very flexible for many target groups, extensible and reusable. The used components are certified
and come out of the PFD industry. Ideal for kite surfing, SUP, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing as well as for cruises or fair weather sailing. Best price guarantee at SugarTrends: you can find a store, that offers Restube cheaper than we are , you get the Restube at the same price from us!

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