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Ring "Vitruvio purple amethyst"

Brand: LIli Koos

Seller: Liko Budapest

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'Ring "Vitruvio purple amethyst"'

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"Celebrate the beauty of simplicity"
This collection is characterized by simple, geometrical forms interpreted in way colorful in unusual.
Inspired by the famous Roman architect Vitruvius and his idea based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry. Many of these sacred geometry principles of the human body and architecture were complied into the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo da Vinci as well.
The ring "Vitruvio purple amethyst" is a great ring, which is made of silver. It has a beautiful amethyst in the middle which is surrounded by two pink sapphires.
The modernism and elegance of these pieces will convince you!
You should so have a look at the ring "Vitruvio purple amethyst".
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LIKO is ...fresh, modern, spicy, unusual, symbolic, unique, luxurious, bizarre....just pick your favorite! Lili Koós says “My motto is to create affordable yet luxury pieces for everyone who appreciates fine jewelry.”

In the past five years, the founder of LIKO Lili Koós was studying and working in cities like London, Milan, and mostly Sydney - to grow towards her dream of becoming a designer.

She launched her first individual collection in 2012. Since then her passion for creating precious jewelry was realized in several particular projects and her main aim is to create marvelous pieces from materials given by nature by adding her own notion of beauty.