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Robert Richter - Another Cosmos - Recycled Organic T-Shirt

Brand: Nikkifaktur

Seller: Nikkifaktur Dresden

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'Robert Richter - Another Cosmos - Recycled Organic T-Shirt'

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Robert Richter - Another Cosmos - Recycled Organic T-Shirt

What was there first - the egg or the chicken?

This question is extrapolated by billions of light years to the fundamental question of what was really at the very beginning, so what did our universe hatch from? This can lead to further questions such as:

- If the Big Bang was the egg, then what was the chicken?
- Where is this chicken now at all and maybe even more eggs?
- Are we in the Milky Way with the other galaxies turned up to a huge eggcake?

Every now and then, it is very relaxing to break the head of the universe, but in the end you should return to the actual questions of the world and return to your own doorstep. After all, these considerations are of no use if we base ourselves on this earth.

If the designs of the free illustrator Robert Richter are delivered from the eyes to the brain, there is always only a confirmation that the eyes should look more carefully. The motifs are usually based on opposites, which at the first moment do not fit together at all - just as with good humor, his pictures work so that the pointe comes to light only at the second glance. Behind the breast print in the eye.

The Salvage T-shirts used for the print are made entirely from recycled materials and certified according to the Organic Blended Content Standard, the Global Recycled Standard and the Fair Wear Foundation.

Color: mottled gray
recycled organic cotton / polyester blend Pre-shrunk: 60%
recycletes Post-consumer polyester from plastic bottles: 40%
tight single jersey 165 g / m²

Ivo is 174 tall and wears size S.

Due to the materials used in the recycling process, it is possible that the textile colors of different production items differ slightly. The hue for the preview image can therefore deviate from the supplied article due to technical reasons, but underlines the individual note of our print production.

After ordering we print this shirt on-demand for you in Nikkifaktur / Dresden.

"We do not just print t-shirts - we're finishing them up to Nikkis *!"

Creativity meets with expertise in text printing. On sustainable and fair-made organic textiles, sophisticated motifs are printed by stylistically diverse graphic artists. On request also on other T-Shirts, Sweats, Hoodies or other textile colors can be produced.

* A Nikki is the cute dusty East German name for the T-shirt.


60% cotton and 40% polyester

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Creativity meets expertise in textile printing. Sophisticated motifs by stylistically diverse graphic artists are printed on sustainably and fairly manufactured organic textiles. Only Nikkis are produced that meet the actual demand - completely in the sense of an environmentally friendly on-demand production and in order to be able to respond flexibly to special textile wishes. A Nikki is designed to be durable and will accompany and clothe you for many years when used with care.
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