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Rochelt Annia's Gin 50% vol. 0, 35l Special Edition limited

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350ml (39.71€/100 ml)

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'Rochelt Annia's Gin 50% vol. 0, 35l Special Edition limited'

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Annia BB´s Gin was originally to celebrate of his wife Annia from Gravensteiner apples
burned Juniper in a Carboy with 20 liters.
The guests were apparently so excited about it,
that now the Annia Limited Edition for all it is.

The Annia BB´s impresses with its harmony of multilayered, fine fruity aromas of Apple
and bitter-sweet and spicy notes of Juniper
Production is subject to it, as the harvest, most stringent quality controls. The components, on the one hand Grevensteiner apples, and on the other side of freshly harvested Alpine Juniper are fermented a anticipation and twice burned.
Only after a 10-year maturity period of the Gravensteiners Apple distillate and the Juniper distillate are married with each other and burned once again.
This elaborate procedure and old age is the Annia BB´s Gin
very mild and very pleasant to drink.
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