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Ron Zacapa Royal, 700 ml. 45% vol. In gift pack

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'Ron Zacapa Royal, 700 ml. 45% vol. In gift pack'

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In autumn 2016, the Guatemalan brand introduced
Ron Zacapa introduces a new top product:
the Ron Zacapa Royal.
Created by Master Blender Lorena Vasquez
Rum based on freshly squeezed sugar cane juice,
the first with about 120 hours
Yeast strains are fermented and then
is distilled continuously in a column still.
The maturation takes place in former bourbon barrels
and former sherry casks in solera systems,
at an altitude of 2,300 meters in the so-called
"House above the clouds" at a constant 14 ° C rest.
A solera system is a barrel arrangement,
which runs through the rum and it regularly
is married to older batches.
So the rum reaches an age of up to 30 years.
For a finish serve "Le Bois du Roy" barrels,
exclusively from the strictly protected
Oak wood from four formerly royal forests
to be made in France.
The bottling is done with a
Alcohol volume of 45 percent.

Smell / taste
The smell of Ron Zacapa Royal proves to be
as mild and fine, after a variety of sweet,
slightly spicy and subtly fruity notes.
You hear vanilla, chocolate, molasses,
Caramel, cinnamon, dried fruits like raisins,
Banana, orange, butterscotch, nutmeg and
finally also toasted oak wood.
The taste is just as mild and complex.
The strong aroma gives vanilla,
Caramel, chocolate, banana, toasted notes,
toasted oak, nuts, tobacco,
Dried fruits like raisins, pepper,
Clove and some cinnamon.
In soft reverberation, the rum sounds very long.
Remain slightly roasted notes and nuances of
Oak, nuts, vanilla, dried fruits and caramel.

Recommended drinking
For the enjoyment of Ron Zacapa Royal comes a
including the pure form at room temperature
in question.
On a cooling or the addition of ice cubes
should be in favor of unfettered development
be waived.

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