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Room Fragrance Reed Diffuser "Welcome"

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'Room Fragrance Reed Diffuser "Welcome"'

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Decorative Apothecary Bottle (200 ml)

In this room you feel comfortable and arrive immediately. Nothing is as beautiful as idleness, soaking up the sun and feeling good. This is exactly what this slightly fruity scent conveys, giving it an exuberant zest for life and joy.

  • A mix of - cassis and grapefruit
  • The effect is - mood- enhancing and gives a room freshness and clarity
  • Possible use in - entrance area, living room, reception or sales room.

The fragrance spreads discreetly and long-lasting over the natural diffusion sticks , which are in every room fragrance bottle.
The intensity of the fragrance and its consumption can be individually varied according to the number of rods used. Many chopsticks - lots of scent. Less chopsticks - less fragrance.

Sufficient for rooms up to 20 m²
Scenting time approx. 3 months, depending on the room temperature and the number of rods used.

All products of desire dream are manufactured in loving hand work , therefore it can come to small deviations in the optics.

For the production of our room scents we use 100% pure essential oils as well as the best aroma oils , which are dissolved in a mixture of cosmetic alcohol with organic spirit .
For our products we use only high-quality products, avoid unnecessary additives such as solvents, water, etc. and pay attention to a particularly good compatibility.
The pampering of the body and the senses is our motto.

When the bottle is near a source of heat, such as the stove, heater or in direct sunlight, be aware that the fragrance can be consumed faster. Even if the bottle is in the train, for example, directly on the windowsill, the fragrance can evaporate faster.
Also note that the sticks in your bottle do not hit a wall, furniture, or other objects.
This allows the oil to be delivered via the rods to the respective object and thus empty faster. The oils could cause reactions in case of direct contact with furniture, fabrics, etc.

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Room fragrances - drinking water treatment - living accessories

In our studio in Laudenbach close to Weinheim, you can find carefully selected products and personal customer service for individual room fragrances of all sorts. Drinking water treatment also gains more and more popularity. We offer you customised solutions for clean and fresh drinking water. Enjoyable with great ecological value. Lovingly handpicked living accessories for your home complete our product range.

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