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Ergon - Greek Cuisine
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Rose petals preserve in syrup

Brand: Ergon

Seller: Ergon - Greek Cuisine Thessaloniki

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430 g ( 1.94 € / 100 g )

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Ergon - Greek Cuisine
Owner - Thomas & George Douzis Store rating

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'Rose petals preserve in syrup'

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What Greece so offers

Delicacies besides ouzo and olives - rose petals in syrup.

Weight: 430 g (€1.43 / 100 g)

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Ergon - Greek Cuisine

In our attempt to redefine aesthetically and quality in terms of “traditional Greek”, we came across the dilemma: does “traditional” necessarily mean “old” or not? 

We then created contemporary packaging, products and recipes always maintaining exceptional quality. Products were sourced from small, independent, honest producers who have stayed faithful to what they know best. 

The collection was derived from all over Greece. All products, packaged at their origin, are Ergon quality approved to ensure that traditional Greek produce meets the 21st century. 

And then came along the deli. We chose not to revive traditional delis from the past but to design a new, modern space, very 2012’ish, that would showcase all these Greek delicacy gems. 

Not necessarily “posh” but very contemporary in a way that we would stay relevant even in the future. We also wanted to ensure that our deli reflected the scents, pictures and memories from every single Greek product we host.

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