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Rubber boots from natural rubber - marine

Brand: BMS

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Liebling Berlin
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'Rubber boots from natural rubber - marine'

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The new generation is completely newly developed rubber boots made of natural rubber by BMS. The recipe was further optimized. The natural rubber has become even softer, more elastic and durabler.
Special attention was given to the newly developed sole. She's very non-slip - a low profile, in which are dirt and Klutsch sets, is not necessary. In addition, the sole is abrasion-resistant and elastic. A special detail is the recess for the rubber bridge the BMS rain bib. Kids will love these beautiful and comfortable rubber boots from natural rubber.
  • Outer material: Natural rubber
  • Female stockings: 100% natural cotton
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Shutter: Schlupfschuh
  • Packaging: High-quality folding cardboard
  • Insole: removable
This rubber boot was made for you by hand - therefore it is unique. The proper handling of natural rubber and the elaborate curing is very complex. Therefore it can despite all care irregularities occur during processing – they do not have Influence on durability, function and utility value of rubber boots. Care instructions keep the joy on your boots:
Please protect your boots from permanent sunlight and frost!
Gr. 20 / lenght 13.0 cm
G 21 / inner length 13.5 cm
Gr. 22 / inner length 14.0 cm
G 23 / inner length 14.5 cm
G 24 / inner length 15.0 cm
G 25 / inner length 15.5 cm
Gr. 26 / inner length 16,0 cm
Gr. 27 / inner length 16.5 cm
Gr. 28 / inner length 17.0 cm
G 29 / inner length approx. 17.5 cm
Gr. 30 / inner length approx. 18.7 cm
Gr. 31 / inner length 20.0 cm
Gr. 32 / inner length approx. 20.2 cm
G 33 / inner length 21,0 cm
Gr. 34 / inner length 21.5 cm
Gr. 35 / inner length 22.5 cm

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