Zimt & Rosen
Owner - Johanna Dohle-Laghdir

Salt and lemon

Brand: Zimt & Rosen

Seller: Zimt & Rosen Cologne

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Zimt & Rosen
Owner - Johanna Dohle-Laghdir

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'Salt and lemon'

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  • Home made
  • Perfect with chicken, fish or salads
Home-made salt-lemons. Ideal for chicken, fish and salads. Ingredients: lemon, sea salt, coriander, cloves, bay leaf, star anise, allspice, fennel 290 ml Production time, if not in stock: 1 week
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Zimt & Rosen
Zimt & Rosen is a small shop with French-oriental flair. Just like at a bazaar, here you will continuously discover new things the longer you stay, like scents of spices and delicious Moroccan dishes.