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Brand: Robert Ketchum

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A scarf designed by a the world famous photographer Ketchum and his team – another metamorphosis of design & art The BLUR scarf has been digitally printed and is 2-sided with its edges double-fold sealed. This lustrous silk scarf designed by American artists Robert Glenn Ketchum & Michael Jones, has been produced in a signed, limited edition of 200. The astounding luminosity of the colors and the subtlety of hues have been faithfully reproduced by a 16-color printing process – close to the limit of what current technology allows. The offset pattern on the opposite side allows pastel "ghosts" of the image to show through the semi-tranparency white silk. The double-sided is heavier in weight and makes for excellent warmth as a winter accessory Robert Ketchum made himself known in the world of photography through his landscape photos that have no digital treatment; as it was nature that created the beautiful colors. Today he uses his many years of experience and skilled eyes to do his own digital creations and brings them on fabrics. The fabric is a 100% 12mm-silk charmeuse. MADE IN USA Dimensions (L x W): 180cm x 55cm
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