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Scarf "Dirk" by Stecher Strick

Brand: Stecher Strick

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'Scarf "Dirk" by Stecher Strick'

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Do you know Dirk?

DIRK is only available in a double pack. Whenever he appears in the pub, it's always with his wife - a really smart hairdresser. The two do it all together: vacation in Holland, go for a walk with their French bulldog or weekend trips on the Ducati. But DIRK is by no means under the thumb. Especially not when he challenges half the pub to kick. Then the brawny colleague thaws up really. Of course always for the amusement of his old lady :-)


Product features:

  • 100% cotton
  • Real knit
  • Colors: gray with black border
  • Length: 140 cm


  • Engraver knit scarf
  • Schalbox
  • Engraver knit sticker

Care instructions: Not suitable for the dryer, machine wash at 30 ° C!


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