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Metallic sealing wax for high quality wedding invitations

Brand: Gutenberg

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'Metallic sealing wax for high quality wedding invitations'

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Copper Sealing Wax, Sealing Wax Copper, Sealing Wax Copper, Seal Wax Seal, Wedding Seals Seal, Copper Seal to enhance your Wedding and Christmas Post

Highest quality * Made in Germany *

This sealing wax is very user-friendly in the application, since the cooling always offers a little time margin.

Sealing wax consists of various resins and oils, which solidifies again after heating *. You can use it to decorate beautiful letters and documents, but it is becoming more and more fashionable for example to seal gifts for birthdays and Christmas, so that the gift can not be opened before.

Our sealing wax is made in Germany from shellac and resins, the coloring is achieved by the addition of heat-resistant, mineral pigments. In combination with sealing and gift cords a real eye candy.
Please note: The color representation on the screen may differ slightly from the actual printing color.

A pole is about 12.5cm long and 1.5cm wide

Hinweis Sie for sealing with sealing wax:
So that no sealing wax is stuck in the metal stamp during the sealing process, it must be moistened or cooled. This is a wetted with water
Sponge or a colored ink pad (eg Versa Color). Please also make sure that the metal stamp between each sealing processes
can cool down. Heat the sealing wax, onto the paper / glass / etc. Apply and then press in the prepared metal stamp firmly and in the
Let the seal cool.

* There is sealing wax and sealing wax. Erroneously, both are often synonymously described. Sealing wax (shines and can be broken), however, consists of natural, renewable raw materials, seal wax (soft, does not break) is made of plastic (petroleum).
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