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SECRID Cardprotector silver

Brand: Secrid

Seller: LAMARI BERLIN Berlin

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The Cardprotector is at the core of the Secrid product line.
Material: Solid aluminium
Dimensions: 63 x 102 x 8 mm
Weight: 40 grams
Includes up to 6 cards
The Cardprotector Sturdy aluminum protects your most important cards against crook and RFID waves if you don't (such as passport, identity card, the latest credit cards and business cards). You can wear up to six cards in the Cardprotector, including one with embossing. Or up to five cards, three of which with embossing. The Secrid Cardprotector is only 8 mm thick and has a red dot design award won.
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The Berlin fashion designers Lisa Kaltwasser and Marijana Jähnke created JEWEL for all Berliners with their unique concept shop! The focus of the two designers are the collections, which are designed and produced on the store in small series. The label KALTWASSER creates fashion with a clear line, special cut and high-quality materials, while the collections of LAMARIBERLIN include leather accessories such as handbags and clutches. Further treasures of the high-quality product selection at JUWEL are jewelry by PICTOFACTUM and MYIA, concrete lamps by GANTlights or mini wallets by SECRID. New additions include the design labels FUNDAMENTAL.BERLIN, BROSTE Copenhagen, INCIPIT, SECRID and Le TYPOGRAPHE.
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