Sita C.
Owner - Helga Grabbe

Seidentunika with baroque flower pattern

Brand: Sita C.

Seller: Sita C. Cologne

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Sita C.
Owner - Helga Grabbe

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'Seidentunika with baroque flower pattern'

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Lush patterns with grapes, flowers and leaves on a brown background. This tunic is made of Italian soft flowing silk Georgette (100% silk). Simply elegant, no matter whether the jeans, the Leggings or narrow cloth pants worn.

Store Information
Sita C.
Sita C. fair fashion tunics, blouses and more - the name says it all. On Hermeskeiler place in Cologne Sülz Helga Grabbe offers Tunics and blouses their label Sita C. and accessories, jewelery and lifestyle products from small factories. 
The tunic has learned they love, as it has for many years lived and worked in Asia. Even today, it can be like to be inspired by topics, sections and patterns from distant lands. 
Since her daughter's namesake label, the tunics, blouses and dresses (34/36) are not just for women in sizes S - XXL (50/52) made, but also in the sizes 116-164. Find girls and women their favorite tunic, and men something nice to give away.