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Mustard "Green Waves / Knobiversum" - mustard Pauli


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'Mustard "Green Waves / Knobiversum" - mustard Pauli'

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The delicious, fresh kitchen herbs is the heart of the Green Mustard of mustard Pauli. Its round and soft taste make it a universal talent in the kitchen.

In turn, he refines meat and roasts. It gives vinaigrette a whole new aromatic touch and enchants your tomato bread.

Good to know:

The basic principles of mustard seed, water, vinegar, salt and sugar are the basis for each of their varieties, which are produced with great dedication by hand. The mixing of different mustard varieties creates the different degrees of sharpness, so that the right sharpness is for every taste. Like other sharp spices, mustard has an antibacterial effect which counteracts the formation of yeasts and bacteria. Vinegar also acts as a natural preservative.

In the overview:

• Green waves of mustard in the glass
• Contents: 110 ml
• Mustard with fresh herbs
• Refined meat, roasts, vinaigrette and tomato bread
Vegan and without artificial additives
• Handmade with the best regional ingredients in Hamburg
• Ingredients: water, mustard seeds (white / black), apple cider, white wine, prime sea salt, raw cane sugar, herbs, garlic and spices.

Why we sell products from Senf Pauli:

Mustard is more than the color patches on the sausage - With this motto, Eva and Sonja Osterholz have created their very own and special mustard universe.
In her small mustard Pauli manufactory, who found her home in the historic rooms of a cheese factory in Hamburg Eilbek, they create with great passion fine mustard varieties and sauces.
In addition to the enjoyment, Eva and Sonja are also looking for a responsible and sustainable production. The word Pauli stands not only for the beautiful Hamburg district but for "products from environmentally-conscious local idealism". Thus, predominantly ingredients from controlled organic cultivation are processed from the region. The use of artificial additives is also dispensed with at Senf Pauli. The aroma of the best ingredients and the gentle processing can speak for itself.
Mustard production may take as long as it takes. Vinegars, wine and fruit juices are individually matched, as is the degree of sharpness. When finished, the mustard matures four to six weeks depending on the variety. Thus, it can fully develop its full and round taste.
Whether as a bread spread, dip or for the refinement of special dishes - the products of mustard Pauli are versatile and live from their wonderfully multi-layered flavors.
Mustard Pauli - mustard enjoyment with hand and heart.
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