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Shwingsitz Swingseat

Brand: Bastian Greim

Seller: LokalDesign Hamburg

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  • Ordinary but Adeola
  • Innovative design
  • Different models available
ShwingSitz is calming and cradle to lean back and soul dangle. To think, dream, and power draw.
Joyful relaxation as it were. The swing seat is the new classic under the chairs.
Baseline Made from the silky wood of American walnut tree ShwingSitz impresses with its sweeping curves. The skids are elaborately finished with several layers of oil Polish and wax. This creates a sensuous surface and brings out the distinctive wood grain beautifully the. Seat and backrest are covered with a special Microleder, which corresponds to the highest requirements for upholstery. The fine and uniform structure of leather makes for a pleasantly soft feel and flatters the skin. The ShwingSitz Chair is all-around comfortable padded; decorative double stitching make for fine details. The use of durable materials and a careful workmanship guarantee long durability. ShwingSitz is an easy-care furniture - to clean easily with a damp cloth wipe. Variant FUR
In addition to the above classical version, there are ShwingSitz in a combination of alternative materials. With almost black runners in smoked oak and a cover of Maroon cow hide the fur version and looks like some sort of wild brother of the basic version.
Price on request The individual spotting of cow hide with his natural spin and shades provides a warm and organic look. The dark runners lend weight and form a haptic counterpoint to the fur cover. Note: Skins are natural products and therefore different in drawing and colour from piece to piece. Accordingly every ShwingSitz is a unique unique. The cowhides for ShwingSitz fur are produced in a traditional way in a German tannery. In addition to the welfare of the cows is respected here especially on the compliance with the High German environmental authorities handling of the skins. As opposed to cheap, imported fur skins we use manufactured guaranteed without the use of harmful substances (such as mercury).
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