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Sitflip skateboard-chair - the blank

Brand: Sitflip

Seller: SITFLIP Vienna

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'Sitflip skateboard-chair - the blank'

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The "Sitflip" chair is a light and mobile. Whether you use it at home or on your way outside.
As what mobility one of the primary objectives of the design, the construction is kept to the bare minimum. This makes the chair light, strong and easy to setup.
As you can easily dismantle the chair, you can so hang the single skateboard decks as art pieces on your favorite spot on the wall. Every Sitflip package contains three handmade wooden wall display sets where you can hang the decks and stash the stainless steel rods. Whenever you need the chair, pick the deck and mount them together.
Sitflip - the blank
"The Blank" version comes with the minimalist look of the coated natural wooden decks. Every single skateboarding has its particular wood grain. This makes each piece of the limited edition unique. "The Blank" is for those who do not want scratches - for those who want to customize their Sitflip - for those who want something fresh and new. Just blank.
Dimensions: 75cm W: 40cm H: 72cm
Production time if out of stock: 15-21 days
The product can be individualized. You have a certain color in mind or want to put a catchy slogan on one of the decks? Get in contact with US about your ideas and our various customization options.

Store Information

Sitflip is a small furniture label situated in Vienna, Austria. Our mission is to transform the creative energy and passion of skateboarding into compelling design-objects such as the skateboard-chair. 

Through our objects we bring a small piece of that feeling and lifestyle into your homes. Skate and create!

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