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Ku Ambiance
Owner - Stefan Kinkl Store rating

Sleeveless shirt Dancing Buddha by Ku Ambiance

Brand: Ku Ambiance

Seller: Ku Ambiance Frankfurt

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Store rating

Ku Ambiance
Owner - Stefan Kinkl Store rating

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'Sleeveless shirt Dancing Buddha by Ku Ambiance'

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Unisex sleeveless shirt with Dancing Buddha

High-quality basics made from particularly light and super-soft 100% Supima Baby Jersey. The high durability of the material promises long-term pleasure. Embellished with a Kasuri weave on an arm seam and the hand-printed KU cloud print, the shirt is a real eye-catcher as a single and combined part with plain-colored shirts or our hoody jacket for men of all ages, and casual all-round fashion for women.

Colors: Dusty Rose, Red Apple, Mango, Kiwi, White, Black

Material: Baby Jersey Supima cotton 100%

Hand wash or delicate wash at 30 °

Kasuri (絣) - traditional Japanese weaving

Most models in the Chakura collection feature a small piece of traditional Japanese weaving: Kasuri. Kasuri has been used to weave everyday kimonos since the 19th century. Kasuri production requires a high level of manual skill. Today, only a few Japanese weavers master this old technique. With the use of the small Kasuri weaves on our clothing, we want to support the continuation of this beautiful old craft.

Chakura is not only fair, it is guaranteed to be happy. And happy are also those who help to create our products. For more than 20 years, our production team in California has been working on the consistently demanding development of the best T-shirt in the world.

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