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SnackPad by Bastian Greim / GreimDesign

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Owner - Katharina Roedelius

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'SnackPad by Bastian Greim / GreimDesign'

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  • Tray and tray
SnackPad's tray and tray.

For tea and sugar candy sugar cubes, coffee or whiskey and peanuts.
Graphically structured a trapezoid deepening of providing a safe place for a dynamically asymmetrical wooden shell due to Ziernuten depth of 2 mm in a corner.
Made from certified oak with a fine surface of linseed oil varnish convinced the fine accessory also haptically and ecologically.

We produce SnackPad for you as soon as we have received your order. For this need we 2 to 4 weeks.

Shipping costs €590 with a shopping cart value of up to €6000 and €690 at a value of €6000.
Material: Oak

Dimensions tray: 28 cm x 44 cm
Furniture remind us of ourselves: How do we get what we are as we think. As companions on our side, they are part of our life and expression of our being.
As a result, a piece of furniture is always more than the sum of its parts.

"The furniture of GreimDesign speak a clear language: simple forms with a focus on human needs and ergonomic handling." The demands of everyday life are just as important as an aesthetic quality. Beautiful design gladdens the heart and creates a pleasant atmosphere.
In this respect, design meets a functional aspect and is not just packaging or ornament.

Bastian Greim vintage 1977 grew up in a small village in the Odenwald. The intensive nature of this legendary forest and the simple direct nature of its inhabitants have decisively shaped the worldview of the designer. The spirit of his furniture rises from this environment comes the solid and fundamental his designs comes the reduction to the essentials. The environmental claim of his work has a direct relation to the nature of his homeland.

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