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Soap Lemon Honey 200 ml - STOP the water


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'Soap Lemon Honey 200 ml - STOP the water'

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Tense, dry skin feeling, ade - The All Natural Lemon Honey soap is the solution for all those who know this uncomfortable feeling after washing hands.

Stop The Water While Using Me! Has developed a fine soap formulation, which gently cleanses the hands. Organic acacia honey with its natural enzymes and amino acids gives the skin its strength and moisture - a benefit especially for sensitive and demanding hands.

Thanks to the high vitamin C content and the fruit acid of biologically grown lemons, the sensitive skin of the hands is vitalized and sustained. Fresh and fragrant, the soap with its mild detergents provides a great feeling during and after hand washing.

In the overview:

• All Natural Lemon Honey Soap
• Content of liquid soap: 200 ml or 500 ml
• Particularly good for sensitive and demanding skin
• Smoothes and moisturizes and protects against drying out
• From organic lemons and organic acacia honey
• Free of synthetic color and fragrance
• Perfuming exclusively with natural, essential oils
• Without silicones, paraffins or other mineral-based raw materials
• Supports the "Good Water Projects"
• Ingredients completely biodegradable
• Packaging is recyclable and refillable
• Developed with love in Hamburg
• Ingredients as far as possible from controlled organic cultivation
• Ingredients: water, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, sugar surfactants, cooking salt, amino acid surfactants, organic acids from sugar cane and basil, fatty acid esters, betaine, bioacazine honey extract, lecithin, bioactive acid from rice, essential oils from lemon, vitamin E, citric acid

Why We Are Products Of Stop The Water While Using Me! sell:

The conscious handling of water is the focal point of Stop The Waterwhile Using Me! This range of care reminds us with its products that water is not an infinite good. In the bathroom, where we waste water most often, she draws our slogan to use water more consciously - for more understanding and a better environment.
In addition to their praiseworthy mission, soap, shampoo, shower gel, shower gel, hand cream, bodylotion and co. Thus, the use of synthetic coloring and perfumes is completely dispensed with. For the perfuming of the products make wonderful, natural essential oils. That is why silicones, paraffins or other mineral-based raw materials have no place in this natural care series.
For this reason the shampoos can also be safely used with colored or dyed hair. The same applies to allergy skin, for which this gentle and gentle care is best suited.
Your time ahead, has already been in the development of Stop The Water While Using Me! Products on animal experiments when they were still permitted in the EU. The nursery is, except for one exception, soap with honey, even vegan.
As a small contribution to further environmental protection, all ingredients are completely biodegradable. The packaging is recyclable and suitable for refilling. Raw materials from sustainable cultivation ensure that farmers and harvesting workers are supported in the cultivation areas in their sustainable and tolerant agriculture.
This results in a small, fine product series, which is positioned away from favorable bulk materials. At the same time, parts of the sales proceeds will be donated to the self-initiated "Good Water Projects" initiative. With this money, Stop The Water While Using Me! Innovative, intelligent water projects, such as the installation of fogging systems in Tanzania.
A completely successful, wonderfully tolerable series of care with the heart in the right spot.
Save water - donate water! A small contribution with great effect.
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