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SolocCoco cocoa powder 250g organic, fair, raw food / baked cocoa

Brand: SoloCoco

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'SolocCoco cocoa powder 250g organic, fair, raw food / baked cocoa'

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The cocoa belt in the central Dominican Republic is the home from which cocoa for SoloCoco comes. The special mixture of Criollo and Forastero, ie the noble and traditional types of cocoa, should be emphasized.

In the first step after the harvest, the cocoa is fermented in red cedar barrels. Then the beans dry first on wood and then with the help of a warm air fan in a hall. In this way we prevent birds from "playing" with the beans and possibly leaving something behind and the beans becoming contaminated with them. This often happens when drying in the open air and therefore it is there. A. necessary to roast the beans. When roasting, however, the raw food quality is lost.

Once the beans have dried, they are broken and we have our delicious and healthy cocoa nibs ready.

If you now take these nibs and gently and coldly press the fat out of them, a so-called press cake is created. This is finely ground and we get our cocoa powder.
This procedure ensures you a taste experience that is significantly richer and fuller than that of most other cocoa.

Incidentally, there are good reasons for the Incas to call cocoa a gods drink. When you open the package, you are immediately enveloped in the scents that Christopher Columbus must have had when he first entered the island of Hispaniola over 500 years ago.

What distinguishes SoloCoco cocoa from that of most other manufacturers?

At SoloCoco it goes without saying that the certified processes (especially fair trade and organic) are regularly checked. Accordingly, there is no child labor here. We send children to school and not to work. Above-average wages, training and support for employees go without saying.
Likewise, it is the social projects for which a defined proportion of the proceeds is made available and which is used with the shared responsibility of the employees.

In addition to the social fair trade projects, raw food quality is another important difference that is lost when, like most manufacturers, the Dutch process (or alkalization) is used and / or the cocoa beans are roasted.
In the Dutch process, the fermented and dried beans are placed in a lye at around 125 ° C and soaked. The goal here is to reduce the relatively sour taste that arises during fermentation and at the same time to make the color a little darker. Incidentally, this takes up to two days, but can be significantly reduced with the help of a pressure cooker.
Of course, the raw material quality is broken after this process and between 60 and 90% of the antioxidants are destroyed. This also massively reduces the cancer-reducing effects of cocoa, which is accepted by many scientists.
It is also said that the cocoa treated in this way dissolves better in water.

We see it differently and save our cocoa these ordeals. We are sure that the mix of the varieties makes the taste.
But try it yourself.

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