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SolocCoco coconut oil 414ml cold pressed, organic, fair, raw food

Brand: SoloCoco

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'SolocCoco coconut oil 414ml cold pressed, organic, fair, raw food'

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Why SoloCoco coconut oil?

Harvest, open, grate dry press.
It's that easy with coconut oil. What distinguishes us is the love and dedication with which our employees carry out these steps by hand. Let yourself be carried away to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean with our oil through smell, taste and feeling.

The coconut oil production

Our coconut oil is the first and only coconut oil in Germany, which is produced and bottled in the Dominican Republic after the DME process and handmade under Fair Trade conditions.
No mass production, no intermediaries - the coconuts are harvested and processed by our farmers by hand.
Our coconut oil has raw food quality. The coconuts are grated by hand and the rasp are gently dried. The temperature never rises above 46 ° C. Finally, the dried grated coconut are cold pressed by hand, with no heat. The whole process is done mechanically. Who uses no additives, the coconut oil is neither deodorized nor bleached, refined or fractionated.
Sonit remains our oil native, pure, vegan and raw.

Organic coconut oil according to fair trade principles

It is important to us that our farmers and all other employees of SoloCoco are paid according to the Fair Trade principles. In addition, each product sold places a certain amount of money in a social pot, which the workforce may decide for themselves.

There are currently 80 employees at SoloCoco, including 60 single mothers. We are especially proud of these women, who, thanks to the solo projects of SoloCoco, have a chance for a better future for themselves and their children.

Coconut oil and lauric acid

The coconut oil contains lauric acid and free fatty acids. It is said again and again that the higher the lauric acid content, the better would be the coconut oil - which is true only partially. The product can have a high lauric acid content and at the same time a high content of free fatty acids. These free fatty acids make the coconut oil taste unpleasant and quickly go rancid.
Our coconut oil contains over 50% lauric acid and 10 times less free fatty acids than most coconut oils.
For this reason, our coconut oil, despite the raw food quality is very long-lasting and has this unique fresh taste, which is due to the fast and cold production. (Many manufacturers press cold, but heat the oil before pressing to ensure durability.)

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