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Sophie of Giraffe la - born in Paris in 1961

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'Sophie of Giraffe la - born in Paris in 1961'

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Sophie la giraffe

Soephie la giraffe accompanied the babies in France for more than 50 years.  Soephie la giraffe is an indispensable gift to the birth. Babies are in agreement, they love this giraffe. It is through your long neck, long legs, easy-to-access the little horns and the round head and to keep.

Soephie la giraffe from natural rubber and food color and has the same properties as a baby pacifier.

Sophie squeaks when you press its belly and so a smile on the face of the baby. By the way, the motor will be trained wonderfully.

Size: approx. 18 cm
Cleaning: E
allways clean with a damp cloth and soapy water.
Please do not boil because of the natural ingredients.

The face:
With their dark contrasting and distributed all over the body stains, she draws the eye of the infant to ud becomes for him a familiar, soothing object, it will easily recognize again.

With her pipe, amused and it stimulates the hearing of the infant, and helps him to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

The taste:
It is smooth and contains numerous components to the foraging chewing (ears, horns, legs). Thus, it is ideal to relieve the pain of teething infant. As they made 100 < 5 is pure rubber and food colors, she is completely safe for the infant.

The sense of touch:
It is adapted to the little baby hands easily and well. With your long legs and their necks she can access easily. Their tenderness, which the mother recalls the skin, calms down. The infant feels physical and emotional responses that soothe him.

The smell:
The special smell of natural, derived from the rubber tree rubber gives you a true specialty. This helps the child to recognize them under all other toys.
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