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Spirit of the Sicilian Blur Orange> Moro

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'Spirit of the Sicilian Blur Orange> Moro'

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The characteristic deep red color of flesh
of blood oranges, Anthocytan is created by the active ingredient
in the pigments of meat and shell, and results
from large daily temperature differences with
significant night frosts in dry growing areas.
So will a very special kind of blood orange
grown on the slopes of the volcano Etna in Sicily
and has worldwide fame due to their
exceptionally strong aroma is obtained:
the "Moro"-Orange. The cultivation of this Orange,
that is something bitter as their brighter cousins,
in the 19th century in the orchards
started to Lentini in the province of Syracuse.
In the spring of 2013, we were once again a
friendly Delicatessen manufacturers
purchase a batch of this special Orange,
that we warm macerated and gently distilled have
and since then rejoice at this
Sicilian Orange spirit, of the
fruity model 100% comes close.
The full range of aromas, absolutely authentic,
light bitter and raspberry notes in the body,
perfectly integrated into the alcohol.
make a top brand, this distillate
He not only as an aperitif or Digestif,
but also as an addition to cocktails
or sweet food has incredible potential.
A summery brandy both for connoisseurs
as also for beginners!

Gold Medal of the Destillata 2012
Judgment the jury: "teen lively character"
with emphasizes fresh fruit and pleasing refinement;
delicate on the palate with lingering Orange,.
very consistent."

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