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Spring collar black, with long feathers, natural

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Carol and Me
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'Spring collar black, with long feathers, natural'

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This wonderful collar suits dresses, rompers, sweaters, T-Shirts or blouses, as long as these garments have no own collar.
He sensationally enhances each of these parts. You can beautify even coats and jackets.
If there is an eye-catcher in the world, it is this.
Caution: men will be laying to your feet, please do not trample on them, but walk elegantly over them;).

The collar is usually front bound with a black satin bow.
But of course, you can wear it in several variants.
Because it is double-layer, the top location for example can sit up and as Ruff wear, while the lower layer settles nicely around the shoulders.
There are no limits to the imagination. And this collar invites you to be imaginative.

The real cock feathers are black with a dark green shimmer and beautiful natural shine.
They are glued and stitched in a double row.

The spring collar is very robust, which means he loses virtually no single feather and you can walk with him safely in the rain.

If there should be days where you don't wear it, then please do not put it as a decoration object, because through the dust he would lose its sheen.

One size fits all
Materials: real cock feathers

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Carol and Me
Unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery, accessories and watches, partly lovingly handmade by ourselves, make our little shop a real miracle treasure chest.

Always the little bit crazier and the icing on the cake more beautiful than the mainstream, that's how we see ourselves and our stuff.
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