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Stella me Stay Strong & Detox Footpads

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The Stay Strong & Detox Pads are the fitters of the Stella Me Foot Pad line. Almost 70% tourmaline is in this variety. Tourmaline has a strong stimulating effect on the body's energy flow and can neutralize toxins. It stimulates the body's own detox mechanism. In TCM, the tourmaline is confirmed to have an uplifting, invigorating effect. The other active ingredients such as bamboo vinegar and agaric mushroom have a cleansing effect and are considered as strengthening the immune system. The chitosan can absorb toxins and forms a membrane to protect the skin.

The Stay Strong and Detox Pads help the body regenerate quickly.
They are very invigorating and are useful for relieving the following symptoms:

  • shiftlessness
  • Too less sleep
  • limpness

That's how easy detoxing works:
Just before going to bed, stick foot pads under the soles of your feet. The detox pads unfold their full effect overnight and help the body thereby to regenerate and auszuleiten negative substances independently through the feet. The recipe for the pads is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses only herbs and other natural substances.

The application can be applied once but also up to 30 days in one go. Depending on the physical situation and personal feelings, this period may vary.

10 x 10 pads

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