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Sustainable LED Dimmable 600lm Matte Blue Angel

Brand: Carus

Seller: lumbono Munich

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'Sustainable LED Dimmable 600lm Matte Blue Angel'

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The first LED bulb with the "Blue Angel" - WORLDWIDE!

LED lamps by Carus better light made in Germany

E27 / 600 Lumen matt / 8, 6 W Consumption / 240 ° beam angle / warm white / 2.700K / dimmable

Creates an ambience like a 60W incandescent lamp

Carus LED lamps contain no pollutants!

2 years warranty

The location of Carus in the heart of Germany, supports the local economy and brings the semiconductor technology back to the country of origin. They strengthen the region and save long transport routes.
With the same power, LED lamps last 25 times longer than conventional bulbs.
The maximum fire resistance class and built-in temperature control protect you and your family at home.
Thus, you can enlighten your living space with a clear conscience. For the environment we are able to save 260 tonnes of aluminum per year. By eliminating the usual adhesives and the use of a few different materials, the recyclability increases enormously.
Local production also saves 400 container shipments a year from the Far East, which together with the savings in the households corresponds to a CO2 volume of more than half a million tons per year.

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