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Sweet stuff dealer's finest

Brand: Süßkramdealer

Seller: Süßkramdealer Berlin

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'Sweet stuff dealer's finest'

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A tempting selection of dishes, from the sweet stuff dealer in Berlin.
We provide together a composition of fine chocolate, you'll find that not everywhere.
Like we do on special requests, such as: "rather bitter," "a lady's gift", "only alcohol-free", "no nuts"...
Then, leave us the choice.
We assure only the best and freshest products that at the time in the range, are to send.
In the pictures, you see only a snapshot.
Store Information

Martin Hesse has always had an addiction to the beautiful things in life. His desire to become independent was achieved in 2005 through his passion for sweets and special delicatessen, when he opened his own shop, the Süßkramdealer. 

You can ask him almost anything about his products, but be careful: his passion and enthusiasm for what his store offers has captivated everyone till now, and has turned many people into compulsive repeat offenders of buying and enjoying the delicatessen!

The best dealer of course, is worth nothing without its close network. Martin Hesse has an entire staff of excellent employees who offer the customers the products with just as much passion and enthusiasm as Martin himself would offer.

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