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Teen Birthday Photoshoot Make Up + Dress Up

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Ela Eis Düsseldorf
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'Teen Birthday Photoshoot Make Up + Dress Up'

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Motto: Fotoshooting Make-up and dressing up

  • Age: 10 - 16 years
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group size: from 10-12 children
  • Buffet: can be brought.

Appointment request: Ela Eiselein 0163-6175 942

    • Party time:

      Monday to Friday

      15:00 - 18:00 clock

      16.00 - 19.00

      Saturday + Sunday:

      11:00 - 14:00

      15:30 - 18:30  

    On your birthday you can start right in the make up and fashion area. Think with your girlfriends two to three outfit ideas and the right make-up. Bring your make-up bags and styling. Additional accessories are also available if required!


    Colored outfits look interesting on photos. The theme of hippie, flowers, 80s, clothes, etc. are great styles for the photo shoot party. Come up with something!

    Here is the sequence of the photo shoot party:

    You receive your best friends and you first of all your brought-out outfits and make-up from. The birthday buffet created by you will be opened. You can chat in peace and you can unpack your birthday presents.

    Before Photos - Teen Birthday Photoshoot

    It will be exciting! We start with the first photo shoot . All teens are photographed without make-up. Later you will see how you have changed through make-up and disguise.

    After Photos - Teen Birthday Photoshoot

    Then you have time to style, dress up, and make your hair. Hats, caps, scarves, glasses, clothes, high heels, funny wigs, etc. are helpful to make this party photos interesting. When you're done many, photos are taken. Single photos, group photos, portraits and spring photos.

    This will be great memories of this teenage party .


    At the end of your great birthday , together with all teens , we will take a look at the photos from the teenager photo shoot and make a first evaluation. So that everyone can look at the reviewed, edited photos , we set up a photo gallery for you. You get a code that you can pass on to your friends.

    We will send you 5 edited photos for download.

    The course fee includes:

    Room rental, Instructor / Photographer, Equipment, Make-up & Painting, Photo Shoot, Photo Gallery, 5 Digital Photos.

    10 - 12 Teens: 24 € per Preson. Each additional participant 18 € per person.

    Appointment request and further information:

    Ela Eiselein 0163-61 75 942

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