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Kolonial - Feinkost & Buch
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Thailand - the cookbook

Brand: Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Seller: Kolonial - Feinkost & Buch Augsburg

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Kolonial - Feinkost & Buch
Owner - Andrea Karl & Kurt Sauerlacher Store rating

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'Thailand - the cookbook'

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The Bible of Thai cuisine in any collection of Fans who Asian kitchen essential

In more than three years research on the photographer and food journalist Jean-Pierre has his Thailand travels Gabriel people and cooks over the shoulder and watched the cooking pots. Of course he grazed gorgeous images of land, also about the colourful markets, it emerged People and typical dishes. Over 500 authentic recipes have been compiled by Street food with traditional dishes, popular classic menus from the Royal Palace. Gabriel conveys with his recipes the modern, authentic cuisine of Thailand, the on top of that which is considered very healthy and energizing. Its detailed Explanations about the specifics of the country kitchen make it easy for us, faithfully to cooking. The recipes are short and almost without Frippery. Is also found a detailed introduction to Thai food, their regions and Principles of aromatherapy, cooking methods and also kitchen equipment. This is helpful Glossary at the end of the book, which presents a number of exotic ingredients.

ISBN 978-3-944297-12-5
Edel Germany. Phaidon, published by 2015

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Kolonial - Feinkost & Buch
Augsburg's first shop for spiritual and bodily nourishment.
"Kolonial", the business to dream and enjoy, located at the foot of Mount Perlach, in the Lech neighborhood overlooking the Stadtmetzg. It is Augsburg's new specialty store for gourmets who can cook and the rice is not the same rice, tea is not the same tea and salt is not just salt. And it is also a meeting place for book lovers, for the book is not the same book. Who has taste, will find a friend for good food and good literature in "colonial".
In the "colonial" encounters Delicatessen Literature & vice versa: Martin Suter ("The Cook") applies to "Monkey 47", a Dry Gin from the Black Forest, Donna Leon ("The Brunetti guest") to handpicked Tricana-sardines from Lisbon, Dominik Flammer and Sylvan Müller ("the culinary heritage of the Alps") on a farmhouse bacon, which is a real South Tyrol, and Jan Weiler ("Maria, He Does not do") on a risotto rice, which the best-selling author a "Mamma mia" elicits. "Kolonial" is a literary cooking and culinary reading.