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The champagne makers

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'The champagne makers'

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The champagne makers

Christian Göldenboog
with photographs by Oliver Rüther

Who shoots the decisive goal in the World Cup final, is the hero of the nation and his name goes around the world. But who actually makes the champagne?

Who are the men and women behind the world's most famous wines, who not only make Formula One winners stagger, who are indispensable for a ship's launch, but who, above all, inspire a whole world of connoisseurs around the globe?

The unique book by Christian Göldenboog set out to find the makers of champagne, met them and presented them, their craftsmanship and their view of the champagne in exciting portraits: charismatic and obstinate characters with visions, as different as the champagne, that arise under their hands.

Christian Göldenboog has watched her work, looked in her cellar, tasted her champagne and recorded her ideas.

The result is a standard work that goes to the bottom of champagne and its makers and answers to questions that are otherwise discussed behind closed doors.

A book full of esprit, and a compendium unique in presentation and detail, at the same time an entertaining and informative read for those who love extraordinary and exciting books as well as especially champagne (!).

Product Information:
Hardcover with 320 pages
Dust jacket and ribbon bookmark
Publisher: Umschau Verlag
Language: German
Art.-No .: AL.305.0004
Dimensions: 32 x 24 cm

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