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Time for Hygge ® scented candle


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Danmarks Dufte®
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'Time for Hygge ® scented candle'

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Among other things, Hygge is a lifestyle of coziness, atmosphere, pleasure, being together and being together. But all you need for Hygge is yourself. It's about enjoying the moment and forgetting everyday life. Here you will find our special fragrance combination of 'Time for Hygge'®

Gentle, warm notes of caramel and birch bark as well as a bit of musk for the sensual touch help you to leave everyday life behind and be pampered.

Create a fragrant, cozy atmosphere with our scented candle and create a gentle scent of 'Time for Hygge'®. The candle is made from soybeans, so a natural product, and thus has less soot formation. The wick is made from certified organic cotton. The soya wax candles are CO2-neutral, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The candles are filled in laboratory glasses, which can later be used eg as a measuring cup in the kitchen. They not only spread a fantastic fragrance, but also give your home a cool touch with its industrial look.

The burning time of the candle is about 28 hours

Never let a candle burn without supervision!

Store Information
Danmarks Dufte®
Danmarks Dufte, which means Denmarks Fragrances, was founded in 2018 by Silke Pedersen. As founder, Silke developed an idea for
feel-good scented products and, in co-operation with a Danish cosmetic producer, began conceptualizing,
creating and developing products.

These scented products are all inspired by the Danish nature and lifestyle.

The focal point, as the name implies, are fragrances.

Our personal care products are all made with carefully chosen nourishing ingredients.

Among others, pure organic and natural almond, olive- and sunflower seed oil, vitamin E
and antioxidants. No artificial preservatives or food colorings are used.

The skin is treated with a long-lasting moisturizer to elicit a smoother, flexible surface.

Our products are not just entirely unique, but also packaged with durability.

PET-bottles with a pump system can be refilled and reused. Our scented candles come in
small laboratory glasses that can later be used as measuring cups in the kitchen.

Everything that one loves and values in Denmark can be found in our selected fragrances.

To keep the shipping costs low we send all our orders once a week from Germany. So please note, that delivery time can take a few extra days. If you want faster delivery, don't hesitate to contact us. We will ship than same day from Denmark with the higher danish shipping costs.

Follow us on instagram: @danmarksdufte
Facebook: Danmarks Dufte
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