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TINTO Red Premium Gin, 70 cl. 40% Vol. Portugal

Seller: SZENEDRINKS Munich

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'TINTO Red Premium Gin, 70 cl. 40% Vol. Portugal'

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The trendy Tinto Red Premium Gin will be with love
flavored with botanicals in detail, in Valenca
were picked near the shore to the river Minho,
by hand in laborious work.
In addition to the herbal components belong
Juniper berries ao sage, catnip, dill,
Poppy, lavender, rosemary, elderflower, birch leaves
and wild blackberries.
Other botanicals such as citrus fruits (the peel of green oranges)
and lemon balm as well as the St. Robert plant
and Eukaluptus join.
Product information for the Tinto Red Premium Gin:
No wonder the exotic Tinto Red Premium Gin
in the decoratively decorated bottle with all the
Sophisticated botanicals from the multilayered side shows.
Aromatic and meaningful, he takes it from himself.
Flowery and herbaceous notes join citrus fruit
and fine seasoning. The exciting Tinto Red Premium Gin
from the Mediterranean area also unites youthful vigor,
Freshness and elegance as well as complexity in itself.
The reddish-brown gin of high quality can easily
be enjoyed pure. If you like, mix a gin and tonic instead,
that has it all and that you can not get out of mind so quickly.

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SZENEDRINKS offers one of the largest selections of different Gin and Tonic varieties, but Franz’ store does also present a wide but selective variety of champagne, whisky, rum, tequila, meczal, grappa, vermouth, vodka, liquors and fruit brandy.
His motto: "class instead of mass”. Here, you will find an impressive assortment of limited editions and exquisite drinks for every occasion.
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